Friday, May 25, 2007

Easy Friday

The dry-fit t-shirt desperately tried to expel all the sweat as I stepped out with Eddie and Laya for their evening walk. It was work out day today and the puppies were especially eager to see me when I arrived an hour after the regular arrival time. A habit I picked up from James, I refer to all dogs as puppies affectionately. I had earlier noticed the half dozen girl’s jolly shrieks from the pool across the sand volley ball court in front of my apartment. I managed to get a closer look at the jolly-bunch as I walked out with the puppies. They were a half dozen or so 13 to 15 year olds jumping in and out of the pool.

I was not even close enough to the pool when one of the girls shouted:

Miss Brown Bikini: you have a very sexy dog!
Me: Thanks.
I keep walking, the sidewalk by the volley ball court gets me closer to the pool.
Miss Brown bikini: (now noticing little Eddie too) Hey...two dogs!
Me: I hope so (this has been my classic answer to rhetorical questions)
Miss Pink Bikini with Blue Polka Dots: What dog is he (referring to the bigger one)?
Me: She is a greyhound…
Miss Brown Bikini: did you say, a super hound? Giggles.
Miss Pink Bikini with Blue Polka Dots: giggles
Miss Light Blue Bikini: giggles
Mr. Green Board Shorts: (appearing busy on the phone wondering why all his friends are obsessing over some dogs)
it is funny when kids get obsessive over their friends
Me: A G-R-E-Y-H-O-U-N-D, the little one’s a beagle.
Miss Brown Bikini: Does the big one make babies?
Miss Pink Bikini with Blue Polka Dots: (interrupting Miss Brown Bikini) do both the dogs make babies together???
Me: No. But they’d be funny babies if it happened (A 55 lbs long legged all muscular greyhound crossed with a pot-bellied short legged floppy-eared beagle would definitely make a funny dog!)
Miss Brown Bikini: but they’d be cute babies (looking at Eddie who is wagging his tail standing at the pool gate facilitated by his extending leash)
Miss Yellow Bikini (or maybe it was Miss Light Blue Bikini): what are their names?
Me: The little one is Eddie and the bigger one is Laya.
Miss Yellow Bikini: Eddie is a cute name.
Miss Light Blue Bikini: ‘Laya’ as in Princess Leia from the star wars? Are you a fan?
Me: yes, that Leia but I am not a star wars fan.

Miss Brown Bikini pushes Miss Yellow Bikini into the pool. Miss Pink Bikini with Blue Polka Dots runs away from the approaching Miss Light Blue Bikini. Mr. Green Board Shorts is busy typing away on his cell phone. I walk away to the rest of my evening remembering all the reasons why I like Florida!

Friday was exceptionally good. Not because it was a Friday before a long weekend. Monday is chutti for being Memorial Day and Shek has no plans but eat, sleep and hopefully read some. This whole week has been a little hectic on all fronts. Hectic in a challenging positive sort of way. Work has been very challenging but I got all my data sorted out finally on Friday. I only wish I had the 3Ghz Core 2 Duo with a 2 gig ram in my work computer. A 19 inch wide screen wouldn’t be bad either. I have also been stressed out making, bridging and maintaining some personal relations. Every thing is sorted out now, so I decided to treat myself with some good chicken curry.

By 7 pm Friday, 25 May 2007 the 1.51 Lbs boneless breast pieces had been marinated for over 12 hours in rich yoghurt, crushed tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste and the finest Chicken-curry masala the Indian store had to offer. The onions were perfectly fried golden brown in the finest desi ghee available locally and the chicken curry simmered peacefully for a long time till the meat was just perfect. This served with the steaming basmati rice made my week a complete satisfaction. Yes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, especially Shek’s!


Sayesha said...

I get GOLD on the blog of the dude who gets GOLD everywhere else! Muahahaha! :D

Rowe said...

he he.. I suppose shek looking for a Gold on his own blog would be wierd hehe.. :)

This is some wacky race!!! :)

Shek..the description of your treat for yourself is mouth watering ya..almost lunch time my side of the bout parceling some this side.. :)

Neihal said...

you write about dogs, and thats why I keep coming ;-)

I read ur post about Laya, she is adorable. But I know someone who can give her some competetion. She is a Labrador at my grandpa's place.

write about Eddie. and some pics too.

PS:See u have demands for posts, whatever makes u think ur blog aint popular ;-P

@ Sash
good job :D

Shek said...

@Sayesha...I also pick fights with innocent bystanders (rebellion on Neihal's blog and Sakshi on TGIF's blog [i do apologize for calling Sakshi innocent! ]) are welcome to check out my ongoing war with Rebellion on ... you ain't seen wacky yet!!!

The pups are chasing each other right now around the 8 seater dining table ;) It is hilarious how submissive Eddie is to larger dogs. I did write on him a while back: link and there will be more coming up.

I dont know about your grandpa's lab. Laya does 0 to 45 kmph in three to five bounds. She used to be a professional athlete, you know. I will post a video someday of her actual race.

Neihal said...

My dog is downright lazy

thats what I was talking about. Laziness rules in dogworld. :P

other than that I firmly belive in
"never compare two dogs"
I hate it when ppl do that actually. I have even seen ppl pushing their dogs to fetch newspaper coz the neighbour's dog does that. INSANE.

will now check the link. Video is welcome. Waiting :D

Neihal said...

my comment on that post.

Shek said...

@Neihal...did not mean to compare your lab with mine. I love labs, they just have a higher energy level than me, so I didnt get one. I was very very afraid of dogs when I first met Riley(), my friend's 6 month Lab puppy. She broke me in and I ended up getting a dog myself.

Neihal said...

wasnt talking about you Shek. And in any case we both know its would be stupid comparing a Lab. and Grey hound. :)

Shek said...

The new post is up with the video, by the way.