Sunday, April 8, 2007

Belly Rubbin...

Eddie gets a good session of belly rubbing (pronounced 'rub-een' if you grew up in Michigan) from me every day. It is almost effortless on his part. Most dogs have to act cute and be a good doggie to get that. When you are as cute as Eddie, belly rubbing comes with the package.

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I know the big blue harness feels over-the-top for a tiny puppy but it just helps him develop his voice. Most times, you will find Eddie pestering Laya, the super big and muscular retired racing greyhound that you see in the background. Laya is my dog and the fastest couch potato you will ever see. That is the reason you will see her resting and chilling (pronounced 'res-teen' and 'chi-lean' if you grew up in Michigan) in most pictures. In fact, this is she right now, sleeping on the couch 'res-teen' her head on the arm rest. Here is a picture of her right now >>>

So what is the big deal with belly rubs and dogs anyway? Dogs love to clean themselves, and they constantly lick their paws, backs, butt etc. They can not reach their belly, so when you rub it for them, it is ecstasy. Just like when you scratch a cats neck, massage a woman's shoulders etc. Eddie has a nice little rolly-polly belly and it is a pleasure to scratch it. Laya is all toned and slim and muscular. She gets her belly rubs too, not as often as Eddie does. Given enough belly rubs, Eddie will sleep on your lap. Now that is something money cant buy.

Today is the second day Eddie slept on my lap and all because of his belly rubs. I am overwhelmed by the affection and hence this blog. I am also completely irritated by listening to crappy 'Michigan' accent (which you smart readers will have figured out by now).

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Neihal said...


he is cute. :D

and I agree money cant buy those things. The most precious of the gifts.

and u must know this already but if u dont try scratching behind their ear, my dog would stay put for hours if I offered to do that. and no, he would not lay his head on my lap, coz he wouldnt even move, but the look on his face was worth it.