Thursday, April 26, 2007

Poor Gere...or is it Poos Us !!!!!

So, Gere is guilty for kissing Shilpa Shetty in public. If that is the case, I would like to see extra police patrols in Bandstand, Bandra. I can guarantee they will get their hands full at Bandstand, especially when the tide is low during the evenings. Or just peep into the unsuspecting cars parked along Bandstand that appear to be involuntarily moving or the ones that appear to be running for over 30 minutes with heavy tinted windows. I wonder what’s going on inside? Maybe the cars are actually robots, like transformers. A strong breeze from the Arabian? There are kids making out in it dumbass!! So, where are the Hindu activists? Oh, I know, I know. They are at home watching Khwahish...and then a cell phone rings. It is an SMS from a fellow activist informing that a white man just kissed their own Bollywood actress. Infuriating! Burn!!!

The rest of the world thinks it is a stupid law to charge Gere for kissing Shetty. It is not like he stuck his tongue in her throat! Well, they don’t know the Indian culture and I don’t blame them. It is a custom to kiss on the cheeks and greet in some countries. Frankly, I give a rat’s butt the world thinks about this. Especially what war-mongering nations think about this. They have their own set of problems going into war with a bunch of countries and not being able to get out of it. Do I think it is a stupid law in India? No, I don’t. I agree with it, but completely dissent the hypocrisy. If kissing Shilpa Shetty was public obscenity, then what about all those kissing scenes Bollywood movies aired in Indian theatres, in freakin public!!! Do they even get a rating? Even if they do, who follows that rating? No one did till 2004 and you can not argue that they suddenly do.

Remember Bandit Queen? What about the adult people in the theaters whistling at the nude scenes. That is public obscenity! Where were the Hindu activist brothers then? Oh, I know, watching re-runs of Dayavan at home.

Do I agree with the court’s decision for either a three month jail or fine or both for Gere's misbehavior? Hell no! They should have made Shilpa Shetty publicly slap Richard Gere for his innocent display of affection. That ought to be enough. She is a confident Indian woman. She could do it. Hmmm!! Isn’t she defending Gere? I just think Gere was a convenient candidate for the activists so they could shake the cobwebs off their spears and flags and burn some effigies on the road.

What about Aids? Wasn’t that the motive behind the whole drama? How many people are going out on the streets shouting against aids? No body. They are busy burning Richard Gere’s effigy on the streets. Is this the India we want to live in? Is this the India we want to leave behind for our kids?


iz said...

Already commented in ref to you on eM's blog but enjoyed reading yours too.

Shek said...

@ iz
I was only being sarcastic. I knew someone in engineering college who said 'ya' 24X7...and it got too much after 4 years ;)

I have also become uncomfortably confrontational, hence my audacity to reply to your comment on eM's blog. I hope you didn't mind too much. From your blog, I got the idea that you were married and never wanted to be the cause of breaking your 'god promise' ;)

Have a good weekend

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