Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ignorance is Bliss

You know what I am talking about...everyone has some little thing left out in a bucket, deep in their mind, things they need to give attention to, things that are 'little' only in their perception. That little rattle in the car, that weird error message you get when you boot up your computer every day, that W2 sitting on your desk that needs to be filed..and so on.

We all have our quirks and I do not mean to bitch about yours. This is my blog, hence my story. It all started with a little irritation in one tooth, way in the back my mouth, for a month, till a part of it broke off. This I blame on the super hard spicy and roasted channas (chick peas) from the Indian store. My tooth cracked while biting on this dry channa and a little piece broke of. What bad can a little piece do, I though to myself. It was just a little piece. I was wrong. One month goes by and another piece comes off. In summary, I have 70% of my tooth still hanging on to the ligaments and the lower jaw bone and two 15% pieces have independently broken off. Now I am mildly concerned, keyword: 'mildly'. The pieces breaking off cause no pain, so I say, what the'll be fine. It is needless to say that I was wrong again. If I wasn't, this blog would never be written. I would be one happier and relatively wealthier Bong dude.

Apparently, the tooth already had a small cavity on it before I chose to buy spicy little roasted channas for snacks. The channa only helped cause a crack on the already weak tooth. I am speaking about the infamous No. 31. The broken pieces only helped the cavity to spread faster, access juicy nerves quicker and cause indescribable amounts of pain. This coupled with a super strong bone structure, kudos to my strong genetic ancestry of the Mukhopadhyay's, rendered two attempts of pre-root-canal anesthesia useless.

Add to this a wisdom tooth, mis-directed No. 32, I am going in for oral surgery. This is where you start singing a different tune...Anesthesia is bliss. Who cares if it is bliss only till anesthesia stays on you and it is all hell when anesthesia wears away? I'll be in bliss Monday morning. It will freaking suck to be me the rest of Monday and Tuesday.

I am usually not a whiny cry baby when it comes to pain. Blogging is just an easy way to vent out the negativity and frustration. I promise to provide more jolly blogs after the surgery. Rock on!

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