Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shek V/s Abhishek

For some one who is used to names like Jim, Bob and Chuck all his/her life, Abhishek can be quite intimidating. Mukherjee is even more. I am not going to be anal about being called by my full name. I wont make it a big deal if people can not pronounce my last name. Thats alright. This is a blog about whether I let people call me Shek or Abhishek.

I was at the dog park today and met with James, his lady love, Becky and her sister and brother in law and another family friend (very cool people to hang out with). Their names shall remain anonymous for the length of this blog. The plan was a casual evening at the dog park, me with Laya, James with Eddie and Becky's sister with her two dogs. James introduced me as Abhishek.

After the dog park, we re-grouped at Becky's sister's house for beer and dinner. Now, I have a habit of adding important pieces of information to a conversation where I am not the first or second person but am included in the topic. This is perceived as annoying by my friends, as I do this to my friends only...and they term this activity as 'Shek-ing'. Now, they say that they are being 'Sheked' no matter when I speak. What the hell, they are just being friends and pulling my leg. Therefore, as per James, I 'Sheked' him while he was explaining something to Becky. Thats where Becky's brother-in-law probably picked up Shek and then on referred to me as Shek. It was weird a few times but then, it got me thinking. Should I accept this. Should I Americanize my name? It is common to convert a James to Jimmy, Charles to Chuck/Chucky/Charlie/Chester, Richard to Dick, Thomas to Tom and so on. Therefore, should I allow Abhishek to become Shek?

It is actually a little more complicated. Separate arguments can be made based on what circle I am looking at. Professional or Casual. But in my case, those circles mix. I have friends from work that I hang out with other people with. So, it is really what name I am alright with, no matter what circle.

I would like to take the stance that Abhishek is the name that I should be referred by. For one, Shek is too informal. It looks good on a blog, with close friends etc. I think Shek is kinda cool too. Further, Shrek is my favorite cartoon character and it is kinda cool to have my a part of my first name rhyme with that. I could also be 'Shake' as in Master Shake...but I am a fan of Frylock. Plus, 'Shake' is not as cool as 'Shek'.

I also interact with VPs and Directors on a daily level, so Shek would make the whole conversation kinda unprofessional. Abhishek, even if it is hard to pronounce, keeps a certain professional tone in the conversation. Plus, all VPs pronounce my name properly. I guess I will continue with Abhishek. Please feel free to comment on this. I am open.


Rowe said...

Well I agree with your thinking... me would've probably thought in same direction.. though..Shek... definitely sounds cool..:) he he

Anyways.. Abhishek have a good day

Shek said...

@ rowe
You know what else is cool...having a name like Karthik...which can become KT. All mine can become is probably AM/AB/AK(47??)/AS(s)...not too appealing as Shek.

:) said...

Well yeah..that would be wierd.. I already have one of those.. I am a Rowena.. with 'Rowe' and 'Ro' as nicknames.. funny my friends in college started callin me 'Ro' cause they thought 'Rowena' was a long name!!!! never really understood how/why.. :)

Anyways, you got an interesting blog..I've suddenly sparked a new interest of reading blogs, which is fun..and came across'll see me around..

Shek said...

My friends in college called me 'Mukherjee'. That is an impossible task to ask for here. If I go to work today and announce that I would prefer to be called 'Mukherjee', they will all look at me, like, WTF dude, who do you think we are, Indians?

Anyway, we all call each other by their first names. Even the CEO. So, Abhishek it is.

Anonymous said...

heya!! just 2 let you know that shek is a common chinese :)