Monday, April 16, 2007


Speaking with an old friend (who knows me inside out better than most people do) made me realize that me blogging is the same as me venting out to her on the phone back in my engineering days. Only then, I would vent out to someone close, and now, I blog publicly to be read by a bunch of people I do not know. Funny? Desperate? I don't know yet.

I was really messed up last night. Not having to see a live soul for over 36 hours had made me delirious, frustrated and irritable. Watched crap repeat itself over and over on TV for over 8 hours, I even dreamed pessimistically. I ended up lashing out at the only friends that have stood by me before, without giving them the benefit of doubt. Was I wrong? Maybe. I should have picked my battles. That is something that I do not do very well, yet. I have become increasingly confrontational than is advisable. Got to pick my battles!!

I wont erase my earlier blog, even though I don't completely agree with how I felt then. As I look back to my previous blogs: Dang-Root-Canal, Fcuked up No. 31, Ignorance is Bliss, Manic Monday, The Ice Pack and lastly WTF, I see that I have given my tooth problems more screen time than they deserve...and turned my somewhat intellectual blog into a bitching zone. Well, it is time to reclaim my cribb back before my prospective lady-friends form the wrong impression about me ;)


Anonymous said...


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

tooth problems (or the lack thereof) deserve tons of sympathy and TLC. if not anything, there's always the blog! vent on. keep at the ice candies, however tiresome. they really work.
also clove oil dabbed with a sterile q-tip at the area of the wound does wonders. you can get both at a cvs type pharmacy.

Shek said...

@ipanema girl

thanks. I am a little beyond the pain part. It does not hurt any more. The swelling has also receded enough so I can show up at work. The only bothersome part is to maintain a semi-solid diet and I am running out of options. Lets see how instant Upma goes tonight.

Janefield said...

i feel your pain. yet to go in for similar kinda surgery and totally dreading it! x-(

just uploaded my anti-dentist post (not plugging! :P)

Shek said...

plug away!