Monday, April 9, 2007

Indians Are The New Mexicans!?!?

I have been browsing though some Desi Pundit blogs and came across this one by Ash. It is a blog by Brijesh. Read the full blog here: link (as of 10 April 2007, the blog keeps getting commented on. Read the comments for the most updated discussion)

Here is an extract:
By US law it is illegal for the employer (desi consultant) to make employee pay for the H1B Visa expenses. But for desi consultants they have their own law. The way the desi consultant works reminds me the agents who work to recruit laborers to Middle East. They are fooling the educated people and the sad part is that educated people fall into this trap due to their greediness for earning dollars.

This is my comment to it:
(Brijesh, )you are right about the problems caused by these consultants to deserving applicants. Desi consultants (head hunters) are not the only ones doing it. There are plenty of consultants that hire other nationality people.

Some of the unfortunate ones that come here to get a masters fund it through loans and such...and when they can not find a job, they go to the consultants. They probably 'train' for a few months then 'sit on the bench' if unlucky or get a project if lucky. It at least helps pay the dues.

I am not in agreement with the immigration laws too. If you and I know about the consultants malpractices, you think the US govt. does not??? They will do what benefits them. Back in the day, they encouraged Mexican immigrants because they wanted interstates to be built and crops to be harvested. Once done, they shut the doors at the border and put a guard on it. Where is the fcuking homogeneity in that? I do not disagree your discontent with the consultants, but this is the ghee-with-tedhi-ungli case.

Does that make us Indians the new Mexicans. If the government (US Govt.) knows about these consultants, which I seriously think they do, are we being brought in for cheap to build their IT highway?

I do not intend to talk about Mexican immigrants in a derogatory way. If you consider me a Hispanic-hating racist, it is purely your biased opinion and I encourage you to keep it to yourself. It is not an entire fact but a part of the fact. This post is not an opinion but an argument and a debate.


Harshal said...

To solve the problems of the menace caused by Desi consulting companies I've started a review site called .

I hope this helps to eliminate this nasty problem which we Indians face.

Anonymous said...

Check to read the issues faced by people working on H1B visa in US.

Anonymous said...

Hi Friend,

I would say its gr8 effort by you and you are absolutely right, ones their need for IT is over they shut their door. They are legally fooling people. It is not that educated candidates don't know this but to add to your comment some on negative side....

Even working for big companies in india is making fool either.

1. They make you work for long hours without any overtime nothing, in some companies they don't even offer dinner if they are working for late nights living their family and social life.

2. India is Shining and all blah blah, but when something stuck to US market, this pepl. start making you work for long hours, call you on weekend. But if they are gaining profit they don't offer anything? So don't they exploit???

3. Yes agree "Desi Consultancy" exploit and i am also one of the victim, but after converting $ into Rs. atleast they provide their family better life. And 1s u r with GC, they can't exploit u as they were....

4. In India, not most of pepl. like to leave, but their nothing is lawful, no one is worried about law, their anyone can do anything. And you find yourself helpless.... Atleast here we have some faith in law.

I really appreciate your effort. I love my country but i would say if our country rectify few of the points than it has potential to became more powerful than US.... and their would be day when American eg: some "John" stand in line and say her mom, mom i am lucky one i am flying to India... oh son god had listen us.