Sunday, April 8, 2007

Things I want to do this year...

I am spending a dry saturday night reading blogs of people that I haven't met. I recently subscribed to a bundle of blogs. Reading them makes me realize that I need to do something important with my life. Give it some meaning. Well, more meaning than it has already. Here is a list of things that I want to do this year or start doing this year:

1. Take Laya to the dog park at least once a week. Let her run free and work on those muscles.
2. Finish that certification in production and inventory management that I had so enthusiastically started more than a year back.
3. Buy and learn to play the electric guitar. Learn at least one song.
4. Finish reading the four novels I bought.
5. Buy a Mac.
6. Learn one foreign language, preferable German. I hadn't thought of this one till now. I think it will be a bit of a challenge. I chose German so I can practice it with Sven and Trini.

Additions as of 10 April 2007
7. Drag my whip at a proper drag strip with an equivalent car. Give it all she's got.

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