Sunday, May 6, 2007

Shek's Confidential

I tried positing last night and the blog did not publish any text when I hit 'publish'. So, I decided to sleep on it as I did not have the energy to think any more. You see, I had blogged about a challenging experience that had happened to me at work a few months back. I am completely optimistic about it and I harness the experience in a positive way. Even then, it had its kinks, and I did not want to go though the whole ordeal of recreating the post again.

Waking up this morning, I decided to host a confidential blog available to only selected readers. This is my confidential post: Shek's Confidential. I have added a few people to be able to read this post, but I do not have the email id's of a few of my friends. Specifically Neihal, Glazed Donut and Rowe. If you guys email me at shekscribb *at* I would add you to the invitee list.

Anybody else who wants to read this, please email me.


Rowe said...

Well hate it when that happens ya type the entire thing and suddenly its gone (I've been a victim).. as a software engineer learnt my lesson early during college days. Write a whole page of code and suddenly the lights go out.. :)

Since then I always have a back up of any text/code I type in a word doc, on the clip board..he he... you should do it too.. :)

Shek said...

I do that now. We only get burnt once!!!

Neihal said...

Done! :D