Saturday, May 26, 2007

What makes Laya the sweetest dog

All greyhounds race till about 4 years of age. The best racers are taken back by the breeders to preserve the gene pool of a good racer. The others are adopted out. Laya was one such adoption. Greyhounds start racing at the age of 1 where they are constantly taught to chase 'Rusty' the mechanical rabbit. Back in the day, greyhounds were hunting dogs and had what is called prey-drive. The race conductors use the greyhound's prey drive to make them run in the circuit.

Laya raced for only five months, a race a week meaning she had 25 races only before she received the not-so-well-performing rating and was retired. She won only 1 of the 25 races and lacked prey drive. That makes her the sweetest dog ever. She wags her tail and demands to play with all little furry animals like squirrels, cats and three pound yorkies. These are animals that any other greyhound would mistake for ol' rusty and pounce on them. These are also the animals that run like hell when Laya crouches down in her classic play stance, long tail wagging and wet nose sniffing. I would run too, if I were a three pound yorkie facing another dog that was 18 times my weight and 10 times my size.

Here is a video of the race she won. I have been wanting to post this for a while but I needed a little persuasion from Neihal, thats all. Laya is in the Number 1 position (red jacket with white number) She ran 550 yards in 31.73 seconds which translates to an average speed of 35 miles per hour or 56 kilometers per hour.


Neihal said...


She covered good ground. Amazing. Early in the race, I was wondering how she won, but she did. Spectacular!!!!!

and Thanks for the video. I MISS MY DOG :(

Rowe said...

Cannot see the video for some reason... :(

Crazy Dhakkan said...

Lemme call up Maneka Gandhi! :-P

Does she bite? I have a history of having dogs run behind me. Partly because I used to imitate their bark, which incidentally sounded so real that they actually replied back to me!


Shek said...

Try clicking on the video to go to the youtube page. It seems to be working fine at my end.

almost missed that extra 'k' in your name. Any Numerological significance!?

She never bites and been trained professionally by humans, respects all humans profusely. I think she would run away if another dog attacked her and not fight back. I would then kick the bones off the other dog...

Dogs absorb the energy that you portray, so your barking at them, getting afraid, nervous etc. is perceived as excitement which excites dogs in return. If you want dogs to not chase you, ignore them like they never existed.