Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Twenty Questions Blah Blah Blah...

I am not the one to follow on other’s footsteps. I believe in making my own way. This is a first, hence only constructive criticism is allowed.

Almost forgot, Sakshi’s post: link made me do this.

1.Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it?
This is a common answer at every immigration checkpoint. I got a scar on my left wrist when Manish Naik’s steel wrist watch banged on it outside Kulkarni Sir’s maths tuitions in 8th standard. Any more details? It was drizzling that day and I had a cream coloured umbrella.

2. What is on the walls in your room?
One poster of a lazy boat tied to a sandy beach somewhere in Thailand.
One painting of a ship with sails in the high seas.
One calendar with greyhounds in it.
One small poster (7X6) talking about how racing is better than sex.

3. What does your phone look like?
Samsung slider. I’d do anything to stay out of flip phones.

4. What music do you listen to?
Hard Rock, Hindi Classical and everything in between. Sirius plays only the Hard Rock part though.

5. What is your current desktop picture?
My home laptop has this picture and my work computer has the picture of a tiger osx theme.

6. What do you want more than anything right now?
Go back in time and kick the butt from Kashmir to Kanyakumari of that ambitious Hindu suffering from lack of occupation and who thought it would be really cool to co-relate planetary positions with people’s future.

7. Do you believe in gay marriage?
I believe in marriage. Period. The human mind is too weak to not have structure.

8. What time were you born?
Why? Do you want to do my horoscope? I will kick your butt too!

9. Are your parents still together?

Twenty six years and going strong.

10. What are you listening to?
Irritating beeps of my roommate trying to adjust his X-box 360’s time, date and what not. Oh...now he is playing newly discovered alternate music that comes built in the X-box 306 hard drive.

11. What's something people may not know about you?
I see dead people. I see ghosts.

12. The last person to make you cry?
I, me and myself. Oh yes, I cried, only in my own privacy.

13. What is your favourite perfume/cologne?
Any brand jasmine fragrance on women. I have no affinity towards rose fragrances. I wont want my woman to smell like Roohafza!

14. What kind of hair/eye color do you like on the opposite sex?
Hair – black
Eye – hazel, blue

15. Do you like pain killers?
Nope. I let my body do the fighting unless after oral surgery.

16. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
I don’t know. Never did. Remember that I said...constructive criticism only.

17. Favourite pizza topping?
Grilled chicken on the Crispani (at Panera Bread)

18. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
Hajmola. I just stuffed myself with a bucket load of Nameless Onion Thingies and a half rack of ribs at Sticky Fingers.

19. Who was the last person you made mad?
My roommate, when I slowed down in front of him in my car to make him slow down. It was a joke, and it worked, and it made him mad, and he overtook me on his 5.6 Liter V8 Nissan Titan like I was standing still. My readers know that I drive fast but he just had too much torque. Unfair battle I say!

20. Is anyone in love with you?
Yes. Laya and Eddie are. Unconditionally.


Glazed Donut said...

you see dead people????? whoa there!!!!!!!!!like the look of your blog as it is now..oh and I just discovered esnips a few days back and its awesome!

Sakshi said...

Only Laya!
Eddie does not lurve you?? I like this dog already :P

Sakshi said...

Ps. You said constructive critism.. that makes my mind go blank - I can only make funny remarks or spam.. I opt for the later..

Shek said...

check the link in that sentence for further clarification on my paranormal abilities!

Eddie too...sholly
And about your funny remarks or spam...do you need an invitation?!?

Sakshi said...

No.But spamming by myself is no fun! I demand my sistahs in crime to be invited here..

Shek said...

your sistahs dont need any invitation either! They are probably too busy to show up on Shek's Crib ;)

Bade log, badi bateein!

Sakshi said...

Was that an implied insult?? :P
I am a self proclaimed phokti..

Shek said...


Sakshi said...

Phokti= person with nothing to do...

Glazed Donut said...

Very nice post! and like the other people , i thought it was deep. my mind seems completely dry...no coherent thoughts whatsoever..my blog seems to reflect that as well..oh well..

Neihal said...


I missed the fun. But I was missed i see. :P

I am here Sakshi :P
Shek it is Bade log, bade blog.

and so I am here :P