Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cute As A Button

Eddie seems to have overtaken me on popularity, that too in my own blog. How is a 24 year old bong dude with an ocassional goatee supposed to compete with this!?!?!

This is one of the many pictures taken on his first day at our apartment. James brought the seven week puppy from Macon, Gerogia; a four hour trip that Eddie spent cuddled in James's sweat shirt. Eddie was the size of Laya's head or James's size 11 shoe. Eddie's small size did not deter him from bugging Laya then and he continues now with the same dedication.

Ok, Ok, all you girls, here is another picture:

And another one...


Neihal said...

whatever made u think u cud compete with Eddie !!

Yeah Adorable :)

Sakshi said...

Yes!! I agree with what Neihal says..
I bet you get lot of girls who stop to pet him ;)
But he is adorable and Laya is breathtaking. Sigh I wish I could keep dogs :(

Shek said...

@Neihal, Sakshi
I was a very cute baby. My looks were spoken of saat-samundar-paar. Those pics will make their way to blogspot someday.

Now that my camera is on the way, better pictures of the puppies coming up.

Sayesha said...

That's smart - getting your cute pets to fetch you the girls! The goatee really didn't work eh? ;)

Shek said...

funny goatee comment!
Puppies work on girls. Period. I dont use eddie or laya to fetch me girls. ;) And the goatee was only intended for my devotion to hard rock.

~|)~ said...

adorable..... and im obviously not referring to you :)

Shek said...

@ ~|)~
I know you love me. Everyone loves me...except Twix.