Friday, June 15, 2007

This is Shek, Southpark Style

Thanks to Rich Legg, I got my southpark style portrait done. Get yours done here: Link

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TGFI is tagged (no hurries)
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Sakshi said...

Me on it!!
"Respect my authoritah!"

iz said...

Shek didnt do your tag because i've done it twice before already. Hope it's ok but really cant think of anything anybody doesnt know about me!

Neihal said...

tag coming soon...I hope that will be the last one for a while..or my blog shall lose all its readers :P

Shek said...

aparently this thing has been around for a while now.

no problemo

are you saying you are done with tags in general, or done with MY tags? Because you will be crucified either way!!!