Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who is the Hottest Mom Online

'When I hear the word culture, I reach for my pistol.'...Reich Marshal Hermann Goring.

I hold very liberal views but having a 'Hottest Mom Online' competition is pushing it. Hottest Mom In America™ - The search for women who define modern day motherhood; they are beautiful, smart, talented moms who also happen to be HOT!. I am fine till the beautiful, smart and talented part (though I believe that every woman is beautiful, smart and talented), but I can't see HOT and MOM in the same sentence. Competing in a beauty contest is more dignified than competing here. Beauty contests concentrate more towards other aspects of womanhood than just hotness. I am not able to digest a contest being held to measure mothers hotness and I need help to understand it.

Am I being conservative and still claim to have a liberal mind? I am not a chauvinist and I would not like my readers to judge me like that.

My room mate's sister, Misty is competing. She has her video uploaded. You can view it here:

If you can not see the video, there is a glitch in the website. I will rectify it when the video becomes available.

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