Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Apparently a movie on infidelity in a busy metro goes well with lamb curry and rice over dinner. Well, that is the gist of the collection of electrical impulses sent to my brain looking at the array of movies while waiting to pay for the freshly cut lamb.

Anyway, the movie depicted this high level of infidelity in this busy city. People searching lust and love amongst others and blaming it on the city. The moral was probably something like looking at what you have than what you don't. It made sense to me but I couldn't stop thinking about what I dont have. I dont have tender pieces of meat sitting among this curry and rice mix. I dont have a better movie to watch to wash this one off my memory. I dont have anything sweet to eat after this incomplete meal and no, I dont want that jello in the fridge. I also dont have to watch a Hollywood film anymore to see a real sex scene, sound effects and everything because Bollywood (Hindi Cinema Industry based in Bombay) movies, probably starting with Metro managed to do away with copulation euphemisms (more information on those euphemisms here: link)

The mating scenes were executed with the fine expertise of a soft-pornography director. The presence of a delicate cross-over of talent from the Bombay Porno Industry to the Bollywood Film Industry is noticeable. No more do the waves crashing onto the rocks depict the big-O. Most of the ideas conveyed were over-emphasized from my point of view but maybe not for the common man in India. The common man relies on Bollywood for information in ethics, trends and social issues. They are probably one step behind the south-indian film industry where the people make statues of actors and pray to them. We will catch up eventually, now that Himesh Reshammiya is making movies...there is a whole new generation of 'low' that we are yet to see.


Lalit Singh said...

Life in a Metro is def one of the breaking films of 2007. The storyline though very urbane, is relateable to a lot of people.

One thing which i dont understand is why do people in movies have to make love in such a way that they always overlook a street lit with lights or something similar :P

Sorry to hear about your rubbery lamb curry.
After the initial frying of the meat with the masala cook in pressure cooker until 2-3 seeti. Good luck for next time!!

Vivek Malewar said...

The indian movie industry (finally) shows signs of maturity! :)

Shek said...

It could have been done better but not many good actors would want to star in a story like this. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna was probably like this in terms of underlying story, but it was the Karan Johar movie and the buckets of emotions completely offset the real story. Metro took the story straight to the point and lost some art while doing it.

I have been speaking with Sakshi extensively on the Lamb-cooking matter. I will give it another shot again.

The indian movie industry needs to break out of its 'filmi' stage. Modern day directors like Nagesh Kukunoor, Farhan Akhtar and Ashutosh Gowarikar are setting the trend. They will rule in the next few years.